Dear Anger,

Dear Anger   I hate you, and I love you. In those moments when you came knocking on my door, I didn't want to let you in. In fact, I turned off all the lights. Pretended I wasn't even home and hid under the covers of my bed. Being around you made me feel like…Read more Dear Anger,


For Grace

I have had severe depression and doubt these last few months. Laid alone in bed crying for you had me crippled. The silence throughout the house only deepened my sorrows. I needed to escape. So I drove to the beach today. Tossed my red folding armchair in the tail of my truck. I crammed my…Read more For Grace

Another video of police; their abuse of power

Chapter 1 - THE ARREST The whole family was in bed almost asleep by the time the cops came to the house. Police: “We received a 9–1-1 call for this address. We need to come in and make sure everything is alright”. They Yelled loud enough I heard from my bedroom. They banged on every…Read more Another video of police; their abuse of power